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New York Parent Profile listing support


Building your Parent Profile

After ordering a New York Parent Profile, you will be sent a unique username and password to login to the Listings Manager and create your Parent Profile.

You can create, edit, change your text and upload photos anytime. 

Each New York Parent Profile will have its own domain name to refer to when signing up for link ads with other online adoption listing services.

How to login and create your New York Parent Profile or link to your own website.

1)  Login to Listings Manager
Go to to the bottom of the page at and click  login the Listings Manager Enter the Username and Password that was sent to you.

2)  Once in Listing Manager click "modify." In the "Listing Editor - Edit Listing" begin completing or editing your webpage form. 
Leave the "http ://Domain Name" box blank. to use the New York Parent Profile OR
Enter your own domain name to link to your website.

Once your site is completed you may uncheck the box that says  "Don't display this listing on website." and your site will now appear to the public at .
Incomplete or under construction web pages are not allowed and may be deleted.

3)  Uploading photos
Uploading Photos requires a 2 step process as described here and in the form:

      A) Upload and name photos from your computer to the Image Manager.  You may later change or erase images.

      B) After you have uploaded photos, select uploaded photos by name to appear in the Preview Image, Image #1, etc. You may change your selected photos now or in the future.

Please note: Photos that are larger than 140 Kbytes will not upload. If too large, you will have to reduce the photo to 140 Kbytes or less within your computer and try again.  Photos that are smaller than 250 x 250 pixels will be automatically enlarged and will be blurry.

Only GIF and JPEG images can be uploaded. Make sure your photos are in a .gif or .jpg format. Camera photos are often too big and in a .png format. You cannot upload .png photos.(.png format is usually associated with cameras and need to be converted to GIF or JPEP.

If you cannot reduce or convert your photo email the photos to and we will reduce and upload your photos for you.

Press SAVE at the bottom of the page to save text and photo information in your Listing.

4) Select Homepage Editor
Homepage is an optional second page. This homepage can be viewed by clicking your names that viewers click on at the bottom of your listing profile. Here you can write as much as you want about yourselves. Additional photos can also be uploaded in the same manner as described above.

For the best appearance, we ask that you keep the photos length the same length as your paragraphs. Photos extending beyond the text will be deleted.

Complete the titles and information and upload photos and SAVE the same as you did in the
Listing Editor.

Exit Listing Manager and go back to New York Parent and view your site.  Edit as needed.

If you go to and do not see your Profile or changes you probably need to refresh your browser (usually a button on Internet Explorer), this updates the small browser memory in your computer.