Site Features

This site features:

  • New York Parent Profiles offers a way for expectant mothers offers a way to make direct contact othersto those considering adoption.
  • Adopting Parents can find available professional adoption Situations at the ABC Adoption Hotline.
  • Find adoption information to learn more about adoption
  • Join 2adopt and AdoptionScams Yahoo Groups.
  • Find Adoption Professionals offering their services
  • Adoption Scam Resources
  • Meet others interested in adoption and share experiences

Note to features:

An attorney is required to complete all adoptions. Adopt can be complicated. Find professional help as needed.


Pregnant? Considering Adoption?

                         Visit the New York Parent Profiles

Expectant mothers interested in adoption can feel comfortable looking for adoptive parents at New York Parent Profiles. NYPP has been designed to help expectant mothers find adopting parents in your area.


 Help is important in answering those questions and making good decisions.